What is Scottish Dancing?

What is Scottish Country Dancing?   It is a sociable and enjoyable pastime and is a great exercise for both mind and body.  Scottish Country Dancing suits all ages and abilities and is easy to learn.   Do not confuse it with Highland Dancing it is similar to Barn Dancing but with a Scottish flavour.  

There are only three types of Scottish Country Dances; These are the Reel, the Jig and the Strathspey. The reel and jig are very similar, the Strathspey is slower with different movements. All will be taught by fully trained teachers who will explain and guide you through each dance. 

Although originating in Scotland, you will find clubs and classes in most countries around the world.

Do I need a Partner?   No. You are encouraged to dance with a different partner for each dance and it is therefore most definitely not a requirement to come to a class with a partner.

What do I need to wear? Comfortable casuals and soft shoes or light trainers.

What are the Benefits?  

  • Great way to Get Fit and Keep Fit
  • Good for your Wellbeing
  • Exercise the Mind and Body
  • Make New Friends

This is a Jig:

This is a Reel:

This is a Strathspey